I am a research fellow at the University of Oxford. I completed my PhD in the School of Psychology, the University of Sydney, where I also completed a B. Psychology (Honours I). I also hold a B. Business (UTS) and have previously worked on the development of intelligence tests with Psychological Assessments Australia. My previous research has examined the cognitive processes that underlie judgements and forecasts, working memory development in children as well as classroom and computerised interventions for working memory impairment and dyslexia.

My current work is looking at reactivity to confidence ratings. Confidence is one of the best non-cognitive predictors of cognitive performance and academic achievement. Little is currently known about how confidence leads to performance benefits or how confidence changes the way in which we approach a task, particularly with regards to persistence and insight. My work explores how self-directed attention and confidence interact to produce performance outcomes. I am particularly interested in the effect of introspection on performance and performance monitoring and how this can be leveraged into scalable educational interventions.

My broad research interests include confidence, intelligence, decision-making, self-regulated learning, and introspection.